MOFA Team Seeking Moulage Artists

Olympia MOFA (Mountaineering Oriented First Aid) is seeking volunteers to join the Moulage Team. Learn the art of moulage application (applying makeup simulating wounds) and help prepare "patients" for the Sunday Moulage Blood and Guts Scenarios.
Dee Ann Kline Parkinson Dee Ann Kline Parkinson
Olympia Branch Leader & Super Volunteer
January 22, 2019
MOFA Team Seeking Moulage Artists

Have you ever wondered how those cuts, gashes, and bruises appear (and magically disappear) on actors and actresses? Are you interested in staging realistic moulage accident scenarios? The Olympia MOFA Moulage team has the creative outlet you have been looking for.

To help our Mountaineering Oriented First Aid (MOFA) students learn how to respond to wilderness emergencies, our Olympia MOFA committee stages realistic mountaineering accident scenarios  twice a year in March/April and October.  This day is affectionately known as "Blood and Guts Sunday" and falls on the last Sunday of the MOFA class. 

Using stage and theater makeup and techniques, patient volunteers are "moulaged" to portray mountaineering injuries. MOFA students diagnose, provide first aid, and determine a plan for getting the patients to safety.

The time commitment is approximately 6 hours on these Sundays. Training will be provided for all new Moulage Team Volunteers.

If you're interested in joining the Moulage Team, or if you dabble in theatrics and would like to volunteer as a patient, please contact Dee Ann Kline to get involved! 

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