Meet The Mountaineers - October 19

Meet The Mountaineers on Monday, October 19 to learn all about us. Ask questions about our courses and activities, discover our youth programs, uncover our historical legacy, and learn how we advocate for you in the outdoors.
The Mountaineers The Mountaineers
October 05, 2015
Meet The Mountaineers - October 19

Meet your fellow Mountaineers and learn more about our programs and activities at this 40 minute information session, and stay after to chat with your fellow members and guests.

Learn about what it means to be a Mountaineers member and how to get better plugged in to the outdoor activities you care about. This information session, hosted at the Seattle Program Center, will focus on the history of  The Mountaineers, your benefits as a member, and what's new for Fall 2015/ Winter 2016.

The session will start at 6:30pm on Monday, October 19. For more details, and to add this to your calendar, click here.

Can't make it to the session but want to know what courses are offered and when? Check out our course overviews and our newly created course calendar . Our next session is November 16 at 6:30.

The Mountaineers Bookstore will be open late as well - take advantage of your 20% off on our books and USGS maps.


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