Meet The New Faces of Our Board of Directors

The Mountaineers is pleased to welcome six new members to our board. Meet them and learn about the different ways you can join The Mountaineers leadership.
Lorna Corrigan Lorna Corrigan
Board President Elect
January 19, 2018
Meet The New Faces of Our Board of Directors

The Mountaineers Board of Directors is responsible for determining the future direction of our organization, controlling finances, making rules, and determining policy for property and programs. We want our board to reflect the community we serve, and are working to recruit members representative of our different activity areas and geographies, advocacy issues, fundraising priorities, and community demographics.

Our Board currently consists of 24 members of The Mountaineers. Some members have been with us for a long time, while others are relatively new to the organization. 

In the last few years we've partnered with the University of Washington to bring on two Board Fellows as part of the Board Fellows Program for Nonprofits. The program places MBA and MPA students as non-voting board members with local nonprofit organizations, and we in turn gain new perspectives and ideas on key organizational issues, receive access to resources, and build the next generation business and civic leaders. This year, we have two board fellows: Lyndsay Gordon and Michael Meehan. 

We've also created a new position on the board for a Youth Representative. This year, we're excited to have MAC member Keely Carolan.  

Board members join the board in one of three ways:

  1. Directors at Large are elected by the membership in the October general election for 3-year terms. Branch Directors are elected by Branch Elections and serve 3-year terms (procedures for Branch Elections are determined by the individual branches).
  2. Board Officers are elected by the Board and serve 2-year terms. 
  3. Vacancies in Directors at Large and Officer positions are filled by the Board until the next election season where the membership will vote on continued service. Vacancies in Branch Directors are filled by the branches. 

Meet the new members of our Board

This year, we welcome six new members:

By election

  • Gabe Aeschliman, 3-year term
  • Martina Kozar, 3-year term

If you'd like to read more about the election, please visit our 2017 election blog.

By Appointment

  • Mark Kroese
  • Manisha Powar 
  • Jim Purdy
  • Vik Sahney

We're thrilled to welcome such a talented pool of new contributors to our team. Learn more about these individuals on our our Board of Directors page.

Full board Roster


*New officers begin their terms on March 17,2018

  • President, Lorna Corrigan
  • Past President, Geoff Lawrence
  • Vice President, Vik Sahney
  • VP of Branches, Eric Linxweiler 
  • VP of Outdoor Centers,Carry Porter
  • VP Publishing, Mark Kroese
  • Secretary, Manisha Powar
  • Treasurer, Brian Young


  • Gabe Aeschliman
  • Evy Dudey
  • Chloe Harford
  • Martina Kozar
  • Steve McClure
  • John Ohlson
  • Jim Purdy
  • Kara Stone
  • Steve Swenson


  • Vacant, Bellingham
  • Matt Vadnal, Everett
  • Dick Lambe, Foothills
  • Sue Labrie, Kitsap
  • Greg Lovelady, Olympia
  • Patrick Mullaney, Seattle
  • Richard Levenson, Tacoma


  • Keely Carolan


  • Lyndsay Gordon
  • Michael Meehan

You can view detailed bios for our full board on our Board of Directors page.

The Mountaineers has been a volunteer-led organization for over 111 years and we depend on non-employee initiative and leadership. We are grateful for the service that all board members and branch leadership provide and are inspired by how much you as volunteers contribute to the success of our mission. Thank you.

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Doug Sanders
Doug Sanders says:
Jan 24, 2018 05:57 AM

Thank you for the great overview!