Meet Our Parks | Your Adventure's Ada Love

Adventurer Ada Love is thrilled to join the Our Parks | Your Adventure fundraising effort with an adventure goal of hiking 100 miles and a challenge goal of raising $500 for youth programs.
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July 01, 2016
Meet Our Parks | Your Adventure's Ada Love
Ada's moment

"My Adventure goal is to hike 100 miles between July 1 and September 5, with at least 50 of the miles completed in National Parks throughout the summer. That’s one mile hiked for every year the National Parks Service has been in existence!

"Achieving these goals is important to me because I've always loved being in the outdoors, whether it's on top of a mountain peak, on the wild Pacific Northwest coast, or in a dense rain forest. Being outdoors reminds me of how small I am and to not take life too seriously.

"I will always remember is a 6 mile hike with my seventh grade class up Mt. Cheam, a peak that is part of the Canadian Cascades and an extension of the North Cascades. One of my best friends and classmates had Muscular Dystrophy and as a result, was in a wheel chair. We weren't going to leave her behind. The hike leaders took turns piggy backing her up to the top and we all made it together. This experience instilled in me a desire to get everyone – especially youth – outdoors."

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Gavin Woody, a Mountaineers Advisory Council member and former board president,  is the reason we're launching Our Parks | Your Adventure.  A few years ago, Gavin suggested we hold an adventure-based fundraising event to give members a fun way to support our youth programs. Today, he's inviting you to choose a Mountaineers-esque adventure - like climbing, hiking, kayaking, walking, or photography - to complete in one of our National Parks, where opportunities for adventure are endless.  

Sign up now  to join Gavin, Ada, and fellow Adventurers to get outside this summer.


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