Winter Carnival

Stay at Meany Lodge for fun-filled winter activities and snowy explorations
Tess Wendel Tess Wendel
November 03, 2015
Winter Carnival

As all Meanyites know, Meany is all about family (yes not only about skiing or snowboarding), and in this vein Meany starts the season with Holiday Week and ends with Winter Carnival. This family centered weekend features fun and games for all ages and sizes.

During the day on Saturday, we're planning a lot of outdoor activities between breakfast and after lunch.   

For young ones, snow sculpting (or,depending on the weather, ice sculpting...). A chance to unleash the inner artist in all of us. Also a scavenger hunt - colored ice-cubes strewned around the lodgee. Find them turn them in for prizes (and no haggling with prize coordinator).

And yes that is a young Alexina, Grace, James, Louise among other Meany Kids.

For all ages, the every popular s'smores

Stephen. center, Meany's Official S'more taste tester

For the more "in your face Meanyite", we have our versions of Olympic Winter sports events. The Ski-cross, (the Kirkland 500), various downhill and Slalom races (don't ask you need to see)

There is no minimum age for "in your face Meanyite"

Finally we have the annual Dummy ski/snowboard competition,


After the usual fantastic Meany dinner, and prior to dessert, the evening entertaining begins. You can see how limber you are and enter the Limbo Contest









Or you can sign up or watch the talent show

Juliana & Madi performing an updated version
of Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First" - "Buying a Computer"

The evening's entertainment ends with viewing of world premier videos from our own production companies;

  • Yeti Production Makers of Chuckisms
  • Teddy Production Makers of the horror series Teddy & Teddy's Revenge
  • Duct Tape Prodution - Art Freeman's own Downhill trips

The following is the proposed schedule for activities (and at Meany it is always in flux).


  • 7:00 pm, Cat leaves Crystal Spring Parking Lot
  • Get lodge ready: - yes sadly this means work


  • 8:30 am, Early cat leaves parking lot
  • 10:00 am, Later cat leaves parking lot
  • 10:30 am, Ski:- once the tows are running
  • 11:00 am, "Dummy Jump"
  • 12:30 pm, Lunch
  • 1:00 pm, Clean up: - tows and activities start after kitchen is clean
  • 1:30 pm, Races at the ski hill - Jim Fahey
  • 4:00 pm, Games/Activities at the lodge
    • Snow sculpture
    • Ice cube scramble
    • S'Mores
  • 6:30 pm, Dinner
  • 7:00 pm Kitchen clean-up
  • 7:30 pm, Evening Events
  • Meany Film Festival:
  • Meany Talent Show:
  • Desert
  • Downtime
  • 10:00 Lights out in Dorms



Sunday - Note all times are PST, we don't fiddle with clocks at Meany

  • 7:30 am, Lights on
  • 8:00 am, Breakfast
  • 9:00 am, Kitchen clean up - tows and activities start after kitchen is clean
  • 10:00 am, Races at the ski hill
  • 1:00 pm, Lunch
  • 1:30 pm, Lodge and Kitchen clean up,
  • 1:45 pm, Last turns of the season
  • 3:30 pm, Tom Cat departs for home

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