Major Badges and Pins Awarded to Olympia Branch Members- 2021

Are you setting goals for next year? Consider looking at the Olympia Branch Awards for inspiration. Six Mountaineers earned climbing, hiking, and sea kayaking awards in 2020 and 2021.
Dee Ann Kline Parkinson Dee Ann Kline Parkinson
Olympia Branch Super Volunteer
December 05, 2021
Major Badges and Pins Awarded to Olympia Branch Members- 2021
photo by Riley Shiery

Mountaineers members can earn badges, patches, and pins for completing different objectives in Washington and beyond. If you're looking for new ideas, look no further than our list of awards. Join us in congratulating the 2020-2021 recipients.

The history of badges spans almost the entire existence of The Mountaineers.  The earliest award was the Snoqualmie 10, started in the 1910s, given for completing ten peaks in the Snoqualmie Pass area. This was soon expanded to an additional award, the Snoqualmie Second 10.  Today, each branch of The Mountaineers offers awards that can be earned by any member of the organization. 

Awards are earned by members and awarded by branch representatives. Kerry Lowry manages this process for our Olympia Branch Awards.

olympia branch - sea kayaking south sound islands

Terry Jaret 2.jpg

Terry Jaret (Seattle) earned a pin and an online badge for circumnavigating 7 islands in the South Puget Sound by sea kayak.


Doug Hansen.jpgDoug Hansen (Olympia) was the first person to earn the newest Olympia Mountaineer badge. This profile badge is earned by climbing all of the 11 peaks that can be seen from Paul Wiseman's memorial bench located in downtown Olympia. Paul Wiseman was the founder of the Olympia Branch, establishing the branch in 1963. A memorial bench was dedicated in his honor in 2019. The view from the bench gazes upon the mountains he held so dear.

seattle BRANCH - Five major peaks 


Siana Wong (Olympia) earned this a Seattle Branch Climbing Award that is given to members who climb Rainier, Adams, Glacier, Baker. and Olympus.

OLYMPIA BRANCh - Olympic Trail 100 Miles

Steve Payne.jpg

       ROBERT nORDHEIM 2.jpg

Steve Payne (Olympia, left), and Robert Norheim (Seattle, right), earned a patch to wear and a badge for their profile by hiking 100+ miles of trails in the Olympic National Park or on Olympic National Forest trails.


ED pROSO 2.jpg

Ed Proso (Seattle) earned a patch to wear and a badge for his profile by hiking, climbing, or scrambling to the summit of twelve lookout sites. 

lead image by Riley Shiery.

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