Loss of a beloved Everett Mountaineer

Everett Mountaineer, Franklin Bradshaw in fatal accident on Lewis Peak.
Mary Hsue Mary Hsue
January 20, 2014
Loss of a beloved Everett Mountaineer

We're sad to report that we lost an Everett Branch Mountaineer on Saturday, January 18th. Franklin Bradshaw and a companion were on Lewis Peak when a cornice collapsed and Franklin was swept down the mountain in an avalanche.

A Mountain Search and Rescue team - which included many Mountaineers - recovered his body at 1:00am. on Sunday morning. Those of you who knew him can attest that Franklin was an accomplished mountain climber, hiker and skier who served as an instructor in many of our courses. He held the record for climbing the 100 highest peaks in Washington State in the shortest amount of time, just over four years.

I recommend that everyone read the inspiring article about Franklin by the Everett Herald.

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