Learn How to Sail In Seattle's Basic Crew & Sailing Course

Learn the basics of sailing from a dedicated crew of Skippers eager to share their vessel and love of sailing!
Sara Schroeder Sara Schroeder
Seattle Sailing Committee Chair
February 21, 2024
Learn How to Sail In Seattle's Basic Crew & Sailing Course
Photo by Seattle Sailing student.

During the first student training sail of the 2023 Seattle Mountaineers Sailing Course, an orca decided to put on a show just north of Shilshole Bay Marina. The orca performed a “spy hop” to check out its surroundings. Students were thrilled!

The Seattle Mountaineers Sailing program is gearing up for another fantastic year of day sails, raft-ups, racing, and hopefully more orca sightings. Learn from experienced Skippers how to raise sails, tack and gybe, trim sails, tie knots, name parts of the boat, and be safe on the water.

Offered just once per year, The Basic Crew and Sailing Course includes three in-class sessions on Tuesday nights, practical hands-on learning during the class sessions, line to practice knots, one At-The-Dock session, and two training sails in May and June. The course begins Tuesday, April 2 and ends April 23. There is no class on April 16 as students will complete their At-The-Dock session on skipper boats.

Completion of the course puts you on the crew list for Mountaineers sails on skipper-owned boats for free! Register today - spots are going fast!

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Already a Skipper?

The Mountaineers Sailing Committee is seeking skippers who own their own boats or are certified to sail club boats and would like to expose others to sailing. For more information on being a Mountaineers Skipper, please contact Sara Schroeder, Sailing Chair, at wanderingstar951@comcast.net.

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Alan Vogt
Alan Vogt says:
Feb 21, 2024 10:00 PM

Great article!