Learn how to Trad Climb This Year

We still have availability in our spring and summer trad climbing courses. Up your climbing game with gear placement instruction and techniques. You do not need to have previous trad-climbing experience.
Tess Wendel Tess Wendel
Climb Leader & Super Volunteer
March 07, 2019
Learn how to Trad Climb This Year

If you lead on bolts and are interested in learning more about trad climbing, the Seattle Climbing Committee sponsors two trad courses each year to introduce climbers like you to the fun world of leading on gear.

Intro to Single Pitch trad

This course covers how to place gear and tips and tricks when climbing trad in the single pitch setting, including understanding:

  • how to choose the right size and right spot for gear and understanding good and bad placements
  • gear spacing
  • gear extension
  • crack climbing
  • beginner gear anchors

Students are expected to be leading 5.7 on bolts confidently before they take this course. Course takes place April-May.

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Intro to Multi Pitch Trad

This course is the next step in the trad leading progression. Students will take their trad leading skills and climb multi pitch traditional climbs. The course covers the following skills

  • Gear Selection
  • Route selection 
  • Multi Pitch rappelling skills
  • Gear Anchor Building
  • Racking
  • Belay station transitions
  • Exit strategies or "how-to bail"
  • Dealing with environmental factors

This year the course is held in Squamish. Students are expected to be leading 5.7 trad as a pre-requisite. The course takes place June-July.

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