Learn How To Cross-country ski with your youth group this winter!

Educators, join the Gear Library on January 30 for a cross-country ski workshop! Learn the basics of skiing and winter group management to feel prepared to take your group on a winter adventure.
Hannah Tennent Hannah Tennent
Youth Outreach Coordinator
December 04, 2020
Learn How To Cross-country ski with your youth group this winter!

Forests far away from the rumble of traffic are much different than the asphalt, apartment buildings, and lawns that most of us see daily. Add a layer of freshly fallen snow, and it becomes even more magical! Our goal at The Mountaineers Gear Library is to help youth access incredible places and learn new skills by providing you with the tools and resources needed to get your groups outside. And in winter, what better way to explore than on skis? 

Cross-country skiing is a wonderful sport that can provide so many opportunities for growth. Learning something new is an exciting experience, and it’s crucial to keeping our brains and bodies active to stay happy and healthy. We've also found that it's an excellent way to increase confidence in students as they see themselves learning and growing in a new sport. On Mountain Workshop ski trips, it's empowering to see students help each other up after they fall and cheer each other on. Plus, cross-country skiing is fun and easy to learn! If you don’t believe us, take it from Mountaineers ski leader Carry Porter

Attend our Cross-Country Ski Workshop

This January, the Gear Library is excited to offer our first Cross-Country Ski Workshop for youth educators. Whether you’re new to cross-country skiing or are hoping to brush up on your skills, join us to learn how to ski, teach skiing to your students, stay safe, and have fun in winter landscapes. We’ll spend a day at Crystal Springs Sno-Park on the Erling Stordahl trails. Ski gear will be provided by the Gear Library, with clothing also available if needed. We'll also discuss trip planning in depth, including appropriate gear, great locations for skiing, and risk management. COVID-19 protocols will be in place.

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Long-Term Access

Educators who complete this workshop and a Gear Library orientation will have access to our cross-country ski gear (including skis and clothing) indefinitely. Even if this season is a tough year to get your youth group out, consider joining us for the training now so you’ll be set to ski in 2022 and beyond. 


If you have any questions or are wondering if this workshop is right for you, please email Hannah Tennent at hannaht@mountaineers.org.

hot cocoa.jpgA cross-country ski trip isn't complete without hot chocolate and other tasty treats. Members of Young Women Empowered and Mountaineers instructors enjoy  warm beverages after a ski in February 2020. Photo by Bri Vanderlinden. 

Main image of Members of Young Women Empowered going for a cross-country ski trip in February 2020 with gear provided by the Gear Library. Photo By Bri Vanderlinden.