Learn about Mountaineers Packrafting on Feb 15

Learn about the joys of packrafting and RSVP for our upcoming informational session.
Tom Unger Tom Unger
Seattle Packrafting Committee Member
January 26, 2023
Learn about Mountaineers Packrafting on Feb 15
Andrew taking a break from packrafting the Escalante. All photos by Tom Unger.

What are packrafts? Perhaps you have noticed the new packrafting activity and wondered what packrafts are and what they are good for. Perhaps you are thinking: I already own a pair of boots, what can a packraft do for me? Well, we plan to answer those questions with an evening event at The Mountaineers on February 15 that includes both equipment show-and-tell and stories of packrating trips.

Come to our presentation to hear stories of packrafting Utah's Escalante River, the Canadian Arctic's Mountain River,  and other areas along with West Coast. Mountaineers packrafters will be present and eager to show you different packrafting equipment and answer any questions you may have.

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Event Details

When: Feb 15, 6:30-8:30pm
Where: Seattle Program Center (7700 Sand Point Way NE)
*This event is free to attend, but donations are greatly appreciated. If you are able to contribute, please select either the "$5" or "$15" ticket option.

pack3.jpgA club trip on the Lower Skagit River.

The Seattle Packrafting committee

In 2022 I, Logan DeGrand, and several other volunteers created the Seattle Packrafting Committee to share our enjoyment of packrafting trips. In the fall of 2022 we ran a Flatwater Packrafting Course for 8 people. This April we will run our first Whitewater Packrafting Course for 9 people, and later that month we are taking a trip down the Grande Ronde River in Oregon. In August we may paddle the John River in Gates of the Arctic National Park. 

Why Packrafting?

For backpackers, packrafts are a capable and very light-weight boat that can be carried into the wilderness to make crossing large rivers easy and to provide access to remote mountain lakes. 

For bikepackers, packrafts can carry equipment and bikes across bodies of water. Some use packrafts for long coastal trips, alternating between biking along the beaches and packrafting across bays and rivers.

For river runners, packrafts are a very capable whitewater craft. 

For people who want to do long landscape traverses, packrafts allow you to include river travel.

For anyone who wants to do long trips, packrafts can carry weeks’ worth of supplies and food. 

For anyone who wants to get out on our local waters without the significant commitment of storing and transporting a hard-shell boat, packrafts are easily stored and transported.

Stop by our Feb 15 info-session to discover your love for packrafting! 

pack1.jpgIn the expansive MacKenzie Mountains.

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