Leadership at the Top: Seeking Candidates for the Olympia Branch Council

Our Olympia Branch is recognized for the quality of leaders in courses and activities. Behind these great leaders is a Branch Council working hard to provide the structure and support needed to ensure our programs and activities thrive and succeed. Make the leap to Branch Council!
Dee Ann Kline Parkinson Dee Ann Kline Parkinson
Olympia Branch Leader & Super Volunteer
February 15, 2020
Leadership at the Top: Seeking Candidates for the Olympia Branch Council
Briscoe Bay. Photo by Steve Thompson.
Briscoe Bay. Photo by Steve Thompson.

The Olympia Branch is a vibrant, growing community with quality volunteer leaders. The Branch Council supports this great community of volunteers. The council is recruiting applicants for the Branch Council elections that will be held this summer.

Olympia has three positions up for election in 2020: Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Director. Please read about these positions and submit your information if you're interest in getting involved. Not sure? Reach out with questions! We'd be happy to talk to you about all of the opportunities available to support our amazing community.

Term lengths

  • Chair Elect: Serves a three year "term." First year as chair-elect, second year as chair, and third year as past chair.
  • Secretary: Serves a two year term.
  • Director: Serves a three year term.

All terms begin October 1 of the first year and conclude October 31 of the last year of service. This overlap provides onboarding to support volunteers as they step into a new position.


The Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 6pm-8pm. Information on job responsibilities can be found on page four of the Olympia Branch Rules. 

Officers and Duties

nominating PROCESS

Chair elect Neal Kirby is chair of the Nominating Committee. Member Nomination: Members have until April 1 to nominate candidates. Members may also nominate themselves. You may submit nominations directly to any member of the nominating committee:

Nominations from members end April 1. Members of the Nominating Committee will then meet and decide if they will also nominate candidates for positions.

Candidates are finalized on May 1. Member vote will take place in August.


Greg Lovelady, past Olympia Branch Chair, Social Chair, and current member of The Mountaineers Board of Directors, describes benefits of serving on the council:

"For those of you who haven't yet volunteered to run in a branch election you truly don't know what you are missing. Sure, it takes a bit of time and energy but in a nerdy sort of way. For me, it's fun and has connected me more closely to The Mountaineers organization while bringing leadership opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise found."

"In a way, it is one of those win-win opportunities where both sides reap benefits. So, I encourage you to jump in and become part of the branch leadership. You won't be alone. It's a great team where everyone is welcoming and eager to help new members on the council to begin helping to solve the everyday problems needed to keep strong."

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