Leader Spotlight: Ted Miller

Leader Spotlight is a monthly blog to showcase our incredible volunteer leadership at The Mountaineers. Meet this month's featured leader: Ted Miller. He is a 9-year member with the Bellingham Branch who became a leader to give back to his community.
Sara Ramsay Sara Ramsay
Education Manager
July 29, 2018
Leader Spotlight: Ted Miller

For our Leader Spotlight this month we talked to Ted Miller, a volunteer leader with the Bellingham Branch who strives to provide a safe environment for students to learn from their mistakes.

Name: Ted Miller
Branch: Bellingham
Where do you live? Bellingham, WA 
How long have you been a leader? 6 years (member since 2009)
What activities do you lead? Rock, glacier, and alpine climbs.

Leadership Questions

What inspired you to become a Leader for The Mountaineers?

To give back to the community.

What is your favorite trip that you've led for The Mountaineers?

Sloan Peak-Corkscrew Route ... or my next one, whatever that may be!

How has your leadership style evolved as you've gained experience?

It has not really changed too much. I love to let students make mistakes and learn from that in a safe environment.

What learning experiences you can share with us, such as take-aways from a close call or a near miss?

Never be afraid of turning back. I attempted Shuksan one weekend and there were 26 others below the summit pyramid. I did not feel comfortable with that and bailed.

What advice do you have for aspiring leaders in The Mountaineers community?

Be the type of leader you would have liked to learn from when you were starting this journey.


The only thing I like more than hanging out with The Mountaineers is hanging out with my wife and daughter.

is there Someone that you'd like to see in the spotlight?

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Dick Hayek
Dick Hayek says:
Nov 29, 2019 09:53 PM

I recommend Cindy Crooks for a Leader Spotlight. She was the most faithful leader of hikes in 2018 and 2019 for the Tacoma Singles Activities Committee.