Last Chance to Give in 2018

With your year-end support we can continue our efforts to ensure outdoor recreation is accessible to all. Help us fund leadership development to enhance volunteer-led outdoor education, financial assistance for those who need it most, books that educate and inspire, and advocacy efforts to protect our cherished outdoor places.
Amber Dygert Amber Dygert
Director of Development, The Mountaineers
December 30, 2018
Last Chance to Give in 2018

As Mountaineers, we cherish the grace, power, and beauty of our natural landscapes. We strive to build a community of passionate outdoor enthusiasts, welcoming all people to share a deep connection to the outdoors. We believe that as avid outdoor recreationists, we should do all that we can to ensure that our wild places are just as awe-inspiring in 100 years as they are today. Engaging our community to connect with and protect the outdoor experience is something we can’t do alone – we need your help to make it happen.

With only two days left in 2018, will you join us by making your year-end gift today?

Over the last year, our community advocated for 47 different public lands issues and contributed 14,000 stewardship hours to our outdoor playgrounds. You provided $65,000 in scholarships, making it possible for 492 youth and 52 adults to experience the wonders of the great outdoors, many for the first time. You supported 2,866 volunteers who gave 199,984 hours of their time to our community. Rain or shine, they committed to helping others learn how to get outside safely and responsibly. Now is the time to give back to a community that gives so much in return.

Give your year-end gift today

By making a gift, you will:

  • Advocate for public lands and create avenues for our members—and the greater outdoor community—to take action to protect our wild places.
  • Provide scholarship funds for those who would not otherwise be able to participate, reducing barriers for adults and youth to get outside and experience the power of the outdoors.
  • Invest in volunteer leaders who teach and give us confidence in our abilities by offering advanced skill training and personal growth opportunities.
  • Improve Program Centers and Lodges that provide more instruction area for a growing community, supporting efforts to lead innovation in outdoors education and engage future Mountaineers.  
  • Support Mountaineers Books to publish trail-breaking books that inspire people to experience our natural landscapes and build a strong community of adventurers and advocates.

None of this is possible without the generosity of members like you. Help us close out 2018 in a position to make an even bigger impact next year by making your tax-deductible, year-end gift today.


Thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing you on the trails in 2019.


P.S. Wherever 2019 adventures take you, you can find community at The Mountaineers. Please make your year-end gift and help us continue to connect people with the outdoors to enrich lives and create protectors of our wild places.

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