Kids and Skiing: building a win/win scenario

The benefits of our lodges are endless when it comes to taking the kids skiing.
Angela Krisinger Angela Krisinger
November 12, 2015
Kids and Skiing: building a win/win scenario
Kids helping serve dinner

For those of us who love the sound our boards make on smooth, groomed snow, the idea of someday sharing that love with our kids is exciting. We dream about family chairlift talks, racing down the groomers, and the bonding over hot chocolate at the base area. The reality is a bit different.

Perhaps your method of teaching wedges isn't working and your child can't seem to get their skis into a "pizza". Maybe the comfort of mommy on the chairlift means a full-blown tantrum will erupt instead of the giggles and laughter you had hoped for. And possibly the comfort of the car is more desirable to your child than the benches at the base area.

Fortunately, as a Mountaineer, you have an option that others don't have... your own Lodge at Stevens Pass and Mt. Baker!

At Stevens Lodge, we welcome families with kids as young as 5. And while there is a reduced rate for the child, the benefits are the same as any adult: a bunk to sleep on, great meals, and - most importantly - a home on the mountain!

The "cabin kids" who stay at Stevens Lodge have a few things in common.

  • They all take lessons. They are being taught to ski by certified instructors while mom and dad can rip it on the back side. They are signed up for multi-week lessons or day lessons with either the ski area or private ski schools. We have many instructors who stay at the lodge so you might even get to hang out with your teacher!
  • They get to break up their day on the mountain and come back to the lodge for a few hours during lunch to warm up by the fire, take a nap, or play a game. Kids as little as 5 can ski between the lodge and the ski area by either taking the Brooks or Skyline chair and finding the "tree trail" that is halfway down Brennan's Run.
  • They get plenty to eat! All of our meals are served family-style with lots of options for picky eaters. Going back for seconds and thirds is always an option for those kids who need more!
  • They have cabin buddies. Many of the Stevens Lodge kids grew up together on the mountain, creating lifelong friendships. The kids will all go out night skiing after dinner or play games when they get home from their afternoon on the slopes.
  • They know how to talk to new people. In our insulated world, we tend to shelter our kids from strangers. At the lodge, it's not uncommon for a group of strangers to start talking to each other around the fireplace and if kids are around, they are also part of that experience.

This season, as you sign up your little ones for seasons passes, think about optimizing those passes at the Mountaineers Lodges. Your kids will grow up with so much more than the ability to get off a chair lift!

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