John Muir: From Yosemite to Mt. Rainier - April 22

Toray Composites presents "From Yosemite to Mt. Rainier: An Evening with John Muir" at the Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center, April 22.
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April 06, 2016
John Muir: From Yosemite to Mt. Rainier - April 22

John Muir – The Father of the National Parks


“The Mountains are calling, and I must go.”  John Muir

Both the words and inspiration of John Muir still resonate with us today. He was an adventurer, explorer and mountaineer; but more importantly, he changed the way in which the nation thought about its wilderness. Muir championed a change in thinking that argued our most treasured natural places are not resources to be harvested, but rather refuges to be preserved and protected. He believed in the restorative power of nature and promoted that people should “get closer to nature’s heart”. 

This year, we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service. While the NPS was not in existence during Muir’s time [he died in 1914], he laid the framework for the National Park idea and inspired a nation to protect and cherish its most treasured natural beauty. He advanced a spiritual reverence for wilderness, and in 1903, spent three days camping with the then-President Theodore Roosevelt.  Roosevelt heard and heeded the plea from Muir to preserve and protect the Yosemite wilderness and other areas as parks. During his presidency, Roosevelt created 5 national parks, 18 national monuments, 55 national bird sanctuaries and wildlife refuges, and 150 national forests. With this groundwork and other efforts championed by Stephen Mather, in 1916 under President Woodrow Wilson, the National Park Service was created.

On April 22  – Earth Day 2016 -  Toray Composites (America), a company located in the Frederickson Industrial Area of Pierce County, will sponsor From Yosemite to Mount Rainer featuring world-renown Muir biographer and historian Lee Stetson playing the role of John Muir.

This event is open to the public and will feature a re-enactment of Mr. Muir’s adventures, accomplishments, and contributions to the National Park idea. Stetson has been a showcase in Yosemite National Park for over 30 years; he is featured in Ken Burn’s Documentary – The National Parks:  America’s Best Idea[1]; and most recently played the role of Muir in MacGillivray Freeman’s IMAX Film - National Parks Adventure[2].  


Where: Tacoma Mountaineers Great Hall

When: April 22, 2016 at 7pm.

GO! Interested guests are encouraged to RSVP via the Tacoma Mountaineers event calendar. Event space will be limited to 60 people. A donation of $10 is appreciated and will be donated to the National Park Foundation. 


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