Olympia Election Results

The Olympia branch elections took place last month and ballots close on July 6th. We are grateful that we had more people wanting to volunteer than we had positions and thank everyone who offered their time. Read about the results here.
Andy Weber Andy Weber
Olympia Branch Chair-Elect
June 15, 2016
Olympia Election Results

2016 Olympia Branch Council Elections

This year, there were two positions open on the Branch Council: 

  • Branch Chair
  • Branch Secretary

We thank all the volunteers willing to serve in these roles and appreciate the membership's careful consideration of their qualifications. We are pleased to announce the winners. 

The process

Emails were sent to all Olympia members, who were also able to vote through a blog post and vote (remember that anyone with a "comcast.com" email address frequently has many of their emails blocked by the most aggressive spam filters in the world). No one was allowed to vote through both ways of accessing the online ballot, however, and the branch council and staff Leadership Development Manager verified that no one voted twice.  

Service to your branch is service to all members and volunteers. If you want to review the policies that govern the Olympia Branch, you can access them here. "Thank you" to Olympia Branch Members Neal Kirby, Siana Wong, David Geeraerts and Sharon Lang for offering to serve their branch! 

Branch Chair Results

Siana Wong

Siana Wong will prepare to take on the role of Branch Chair - Congratulations! This was her candidate statement: 

I am a natural resource scientist at the Washington State Department of Ecology. I’ve also worked for The Nature Conservancy in Oregon, and for the NPS at Yellowstone, Sequoia & Kings Canyon, and Crater Lake National Parks. I hold an M.S. in Environmental Science from Western Washington University.

I currently serve on the Board for the Washington State Lake Protection Association, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting conservation of Washington’s lakes. I have also served on the Crater Lake Volunteer Ski Patrol and as an AmeriCorps volunteer for the Great Basin Institute.

I joined the Mountaineers to find a community of people excited to explore Washington’s outdoors, learn new skills, and because of the club’s involvement in conservation. I’ve completed Basic Climbing, Navigation, MOFA, and Wilderness Skills, and am currently a student in Intermediate Climbing and Beyond Basic Rock. I am blown away by the high quality of our courses and the dedication and enthusiasm of fellow students and volunteers.

Outdoor exploration and conservation are my passions and I have devoted my life to these endeavors. I would be honored to represent the Olympia Branch as Chair-Elect and to give back to a club that has already given so much to me.

Branch Secretary Results

Sharon Lang

Sharon will join the Branch Council and take on the role of Secretary - congratulations to her as well! Here is her candidate statement: 

I'm Sharon Lang and I’m running for Secretary of the Olympia Mountaineers so I can give back to the club which has changed my life.  Once a hiker in jeans, carrying only a sweatshirt and water bottle, I’ve reaped the rewards of being a Mountaineer through Wilderness Skills, Scrambling, Basic Climbing, and now Beyond Basic Rock.  Along the way I’ve had the privilege of serving the Snowshoe and Winter Travel Committees, leading activities, and even hosting Mountaineer’s Film events.  Now I’m excited to give back even more to the club I’m so passionate about.

I would like to serve as branch Secretary not only to gain knowledge of club administration, but also because I have relevant experience and skills from my career to thrive in the position.  Working as an Operations Manager for a growing medical practice has given me great insight into running an organization.  By creating protocols, documenting policies, and implementing programs, I have gained the organization, communication, and responsibility needed to function as Secretary.

Olympia Mountaineers, I would be proud to serve as your Secretary, and I appreciate your vote.

We appreciate everyone who voted, all the candidates, and the Branch Council for facilitating this method of civic engagement with The Mountaineers. Our programs can't take place without this type of volunteer engagement and the Pacific Northwest community benefits from your efforts. 

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