Introduction to Hiking Seminar - March 30

Join us March 30 for an introductory seminar for hikers! Learn about the Ten Essentials, gear, choosing an appropriate hike, and more.
Stacey Lissit Stacey Lissit
Seattle Hiking Committee Member & Super Volunteer
March 26, 2021
Introduction to Hiking Seminar - March 30

Ready to get out and explore all those amazing places you’ve seen photos of, but not sure how to get started? Join us for our virtual Introduction to Hiking seminar, which will provide you with the basic knowledge necessary to enjoy outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest and return home safely.

Offered by the Seattle Hiking Committee, this online seminar is a reimagined version of a course that was offered in-person at the Seattle Program Center for many years. The seminar was developed in response to an uptick in calls for help on the trails last summer. King County Search and Rescue conducted 43 missions in July 2020, more than double the 20-a-month average for July seen in prior years. This is likely due in large part to the increased recreation we have seen throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with travel restrictions and reduced recreational opportunities, more folks are hitting the trails than ever before. Many are novice hikers unprepared for the conditions they encounter, with everything from improper footwear to inadequate nutrition or hydration, resulting in hikers getting into trouble.

Knowing what to pack, proper safety precautions, and what level of fitness is required to achieve your goals is key to having a safe and fun day outdoors. Jennifer Brenes, president of King County Search and Rescue, said that "You should have an awareness of not going beyond your comfort level or your threshold for experience," as too often people are drawn to a beautiful scenic spot they see on Instagram, unaware of the distance or level of skill it took to get there (KNKX, 2020).

Introduction to Hiking aims to equip new enthusiasts with a strong foundation of knowledge around hiking safety in the Pacific Northwest. Participants will learn about researching and planning a hike, basic gear, the 10 Essentials, clothing, trail etiquette, leave-no-trace principles, nutrition, hiking tips and tricks, and more. The seminar is appropriate for novice hikers, or those looking for a refresher in hiking best practices and an update on the latest resources and websites. Spring is here, get ready to hit the trails! This 90-minute seminar will be held via Zoom, and will include plenty of time for a Q&A after the presentation.

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Information sourced from “Search and rescue teams are busier than ever this summer, so be prepared to wait for help”, KNKX, August 7, 2020.

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