Introducing "We Are Puget Sound"

Help us save our Salish Sea! Join the "We Are Puget Sound" Groundswell Team by April 15, and you will have your name included in our forthcoming book to honor your support of our efforts to return these pristine waters to their natural state.
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March 01, 2019
Introducing "We Are Puget Sound"

As Washingtonians, we know firsthand that Puget Sound is home to astonishing wildlife and beauty. This spectacular inland sea is a rich, life-sustaining home shared by two countries, a province, a state, and over 50 Native American Tribes and First Nations. But the vibrant blue waters can be deceiving - hiding stressed wildlife, pollution, and impacts from thoughtless development and climate change. We can change that, but we need your help.

That’s where We Are Puget Sound comes in.

We Are Puget Sound: A Book & Multimedia Campaign

We Are Puget Sound is a book and multimedia campaign launched by Braided River (an imprint of Mountaineers Books) and the Washington Environmental Council (WEC).

The campaign starts  with a lush, photo-driven book (out Fall 2019) written by journalist David Workman, Puyallup tribal chairman Leonard Forsman, Mountaineers member and WEC staffer Mindy Roberts, and an outdoor recreation chapter by The Seattle Times travel writer Brian Cantwell.

And the book is just the beginning.

The purpose of this project is to  engage newcomers to the Puget Sound with meaningful stewardship opportunities and a deeper understanding of what it means to call this place home. With your support, we can make the book beautiful, persuasive, affordable, and the foundation of an ambitious public outreach effort.

Join the Campaign and Get Your Name in the Book!

Join our We Are Puget Sound groundswell campaign with a gift of $100, $500, $1,000, or more and we will include your name in the book to honor your support of this work. Depending on the level of your gift, we also have exciting incentives including photo prints, tours of the Salish Sea, and more!

Donate Now

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We ask for your help because book sales alone will not cover the photograph and writing expenses of this ambitious project.

We Are Puget Sound ultimately seeks to achieve our collective goal of a wilder Salish Sea. Our passion and imagination is endless - we are only limited by funds. It will take all of us to make our Puget Sound healthy again. 

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