Introducing: Vision 2022

Vision 2022 is The Mountaineers' strategic plan, approved by the Board of Directors in the spring of 2018. This roadmap charts the priorities, actions, and investments that will enable us to advance our mission and positively impact the outdoor community and public lands here in the Pacific Northwest...and beyond.
Tom Vogl Tom Vogl
Mountaineers CEO
August 12, 2018
Introducing: Vision 2022

Every five years or so, we refresh our strategic plan - a roadmap defining  the priority actions and investments we believe are essential to our future success. After a year-long process involving significant input from The Mountaineers community, our Board of Directors approved our latest strategic plan, Vision 2022. The actual document itself is hot off the presses and we're pleased to share it with our community. 


I often hear from leaders in other outdoor recreation and conservation organizations that The Mountaineers is uniquely valuable in the way we connect people with the outdoors. For some people, this involves taking a Mountaineers class or participating in one of our youth programs. For others, it's reading our award-winning Mountaineers Books or attending one of our events. For more still, it means speaking up for our wild places through Mountaineers advocacy opportunities.

Regardless of how people become connected to our community, we introduce future Mountaineers to new possibilities in the outdoors, nurturing a love of the natural world that lasts a lifetime. These experiences are transformative. 

For 112 years, our thirst for adventure and exploration has united us. Yet, as Mountaineers our mission doesn't end with the thrill of achieving our outdoor dreams. We are leaders — adventurers, educators, authors, and conservationists — committed not only to our individual pursuits, but to the collective power and strength of our community and its love for wild places. When we succeed, we have a profound impact on the world around us. 

As Mountaineers, we adventure with purpose.

This sense of purpose is far greater and more impactful than our own individual pursuits. We share our skills and experience with others, leading innovation in outdoor education so others may find confidence to explore the great outdoors. We mentor and inspire the next generation, engaging future Mountaineers of all ages so anyone who has an interest can find a path to exploration. And we are a strong and unified voice for public lands, fiercely advocating for wild places so all people will have a place they can find solitude, friendship, or face new challenges for years to come.

This is what adventure with purpose is all about. And this is the foundation on which we've built our strategic plan.


Strat Plan Spreads8.jpg

With Vision 2022 we've defined three strategic priorities to guide our actions and investments in the coming years:

LEAD Innovation in Outdoor Education

  • Leadership Development & Progression
  • Course Innovation
  • Teaching & Gathering Places

ENGAGE Future Mountaineers

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Youth Program Diversification & Expansion

ADVOCATE for Wild Places

  • Conservation Education & Advocacy
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction

Vision 2022 is a bold plan and we expect big results from our actions and investments. We have major hills to climb with Vision 2022, but our future is bright and the risk of inaction is far greater than setting our sights high. We appreciate all the input from The Mountaineers community to shape this plan, and we're excited about our path ahead. 

You can read the plan in its entirety here, and dive into all of the elements of our planning process in our Vision 2022 blogs

Main image photo by Luke Helgeson.