Introducing the Paul Wiseman Memorial Bench Peaks Badge - Olympia Branch

A new climbing badge was debuted during the dedication of the Paul Wiseman Memorial Bench on Aug 27, 2019. The Olympia Branch Paul Wiseman Memorial Bench is located on the Olympia Waterfront and the Badge is earned by climbing a collection of 11 Olympic Peaks that can be seen from the bench.
Dee Ann Kline Parkinson Dee Ann Kline Parkinson
Olympia Branch Super Volunteer
October 08, 2019
Introducing the Paul Wiseman Memorial Bench Peaks Badge - Olympia Branch

On August 27, 2019, the Olympia Mountaineers dedicated a memorial bench on the Olympia Waterfront to branch founder Paul Wiseman. Now, we're introducing the new peaks pins badge in his honor.

Paul started climbing at the age of 10 when he summited Mt. Constitution. As a  Boy Scout, he hiked and climbed extensively on the peaks around Snoqualmie Summit. When he joined The Mountaineers in 1948, he was already an experienced climber of Olympic and Cascade Peaks.  

Paul was also an avid conservationist and environmentalist and played a large role in making conservation a top priority of The Mountaineers. He believed that Olympia outdoor enthusiasts would be interested in a climbing course, so he founded the Olympia Branch of The Mountaineers in 1963. Today, the Olympia Branch has over 1,000 members and offers year-round courses and activities. You can read more about Paul 's incredible legacy on our dedication blog.

He was an inspiration, mentor, advocate, and friend to many. Friends who spoke at the bench dedication remembered his commitment to helping others obtain their goals.

The next time you are in the neighborhood of the Swantown Boat Launch, seek out the Paul Wiseman Memorial Bench. Sit down, take some inspiration from the founder of the Olympia Mountaineers, and dream your next adventure.

Paul Wiseman Memorial Bench Peaks Badge

The idea for the badge originated with Olympia Mountaineers Doug Hansen, Marko Pavela, and Siana Wong.  They brought in Kerry Lowry, Olympia Awards and Pins Chairman, to help bring it to life. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to make this possible.

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