Introducing the New Olympia Trail Running Community

Are you ready to switch your running routine from the concrete forest to the real forest? Have you been hesitant to trail run because you don't want to go alone? The Olympia Trail Running Community is a great way to learn new trails and meet fellow enthusiasts.
Dee Ann Kline Parkinson Dee Ann Kline Parkinson
Olympia Branch Leader & Super Volunteer
June 24, 2019
Introducing the New Olympia Trail Running Community

Join Mountaineers trail runners from Olympia to discover your love of trail running, discover new trails, and find  like minded folks! No previous trail running experience is required!

Trail running is growing in popularity, with people who understand the joy of running through woods, hopping off of rocks, jumping over obstacles and challenging physical and mental boundaries. We're launching a new Trail Running Committee in Olympia to help you get outside and discover (or rediscover) this untapped passion.

Julie Dasso, Trail Running Committee Chair, explains why she spearheaded the effort to bring this activity to Olympia.

"I got started trail running as a way to cover more ground while stewarding and scouting the Pacific Crest Trail through the Goat Rocks. I quickly discovered it was also great conditioner for climbing and my other outdoor activities. More and more of my climbing friends mentioned how they also trail run, and I slowly identified climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts that were interested in finding new trails in our region and running with friends. The Olympia Trail Running Committee was born!" 

Jerimiah Wedding and Grant Gilmore were also instrumental in establishing the committee, and both post many of the runs in the South Sound Region. Jeremiah enjoys this activity because he "is getting out, seeing more in less time, and getting great conditioning for climbs and scrambles." For Grant, "trail running brings out the kid in me. I grew up running through the forests of Georgia, barefoot and free....I love the culture of trail running and the sense of community it brings."

Join Us!

Olympia trail runs include after work and weekend runs in our local parks and "backyard" mountain trails. You don't need to be an experienced runner - we'll have runs for all skill levels and ages. Check out the new Trail Running Committee and find trips today!

Olympia Trail Running

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Our Foothills Branch launched a trial running community a few years ago, and their chair Sam Sanders has written a number of resources about trail running. Check them out:

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