Introducing New Mountaineers Merchandise

We've just released our new line of branded Mountaineers merchandise. Check out our official shirts, hats, gaiters, and more. Members save 20%.
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March 11, 2022
Introducing New Mountaineers Merchandise

Are you ready for more time outdoors? We sure are. Just in time for spring, we're thrilled to launch our new line of Mountaineers logo merchandise, now available in our bookstore and online. Show off your love for The Mountaineers with official Mountaineers gear!



Our shirts are produced with sustainable VersaTek™ material, made using post-consumer recycled polyester and a blend of spandex and bamboo rayon. As a result, this tee is low impact, breathable, durable, and comfortable. Items are available in XS-XXXXL for women and S-XXXXL for men.




We're also bringing you three types of hats. Our trucker-hat is lightweight and adjustable, designed to accompany you on all your favorite trips. Our classic baseball cap features a leather imprint that's sure to stand out on the trail or at the farmers market. And for those crisp early mornings, our snug beanie will help you stay warm while you explore. 



We have two new gaiters, one featuring the iconic Mt. Rainier and the other with a dream-worthy topo map to inspire your next adventure. Wear your Mountaineers gaiter as headband, beanie, scrunchy, and more. With so many possibilities, this versatile piece is destined to be your go-to 11th Essential!  

Member savings

Find all this and more on our online merch store, where members automatically save 20% at checkout. Merchandise is also available at our bookstore in the Seattle Program Center. Regular hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.  

If you have pictures of yourself with our gear, send them to us! We love seeing ‘The M’ out on the trails and waters of the Northwest and beyond, and we just might share your picture on our social media channels.

All photos BY Skye Stoury.

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Doug Stauffer
Doug Stauffer says:
Mar 13, 2022 10:23 AM

Can you tell us where the products are made? I'm all for environmental sustainability, but I'm also interested in human sustainability. Meaning that I prefer to purchase products that I know haven't been produced in sweatshops, prison labor, child labor or where the profits help to keep authoritarian regimes in power. Thank you

Kristina Ciari Tursi
Kristina Ciari Tursi says:
Mar 16, 2022 11:29 AM

Thanks for checking on this Doug. We were intentional with who we partnered with for these items, and have been really impressed with the team at Belong Designs/Flow State Branding. They list this under Sustainability on their website:

"Every day we strive to make every part of our process - our designs, our fabrics, and our clothing - just a little bit better.... As with this sustainable FSC certified hang tag, we'll be investing our time and resources into furthering the sustainability of the apparel and packaging that we make. We hope to further our sustainability and continue to reduce our impact, with a goal of being carbon neutral by 2030."

We reached out about your question, and here's what we heard back:

"We partner with a branding agency in Denver that works very hard to ensure goods are produced in an ethical matter. All of the clothing manufacturing is through boutique-sized factories that are privately owned and operated in China. The owners of the branding company have physically had feet on the ground in each factory and have also had random inspections performed at each by a paid 3rd party company to ensure that the labor force meets the criteria which do NOT include prison labor, child labor, or unethical sweatshop conditions.

"In addition, China has become a manufacturing location where smaller companies/manufacturers like the one that we partner with meet higher wage requirements for workers because of the supply and demand gap for high-skilled sewing labor in China."

Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown says:
Mar 29, 2022 06:19 AM

Love the fashion shots! Gotta take a guess at the location: south overlook near the top of the Chirico (Poopoo Point) Trail?

Garrett Arnold
Garrett Arnold says:
Mar 29, 2022 09:53 AM

You got it! After work sunset hike with friends.