Impact Report for Fiscal Year 2022

Read and celebrate the ways we elevated our mission through books and programs during fiscal year 2021. Our collective impact is made possible by the generosity of our community.
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July 27, 2023
Impact Report for Fiscal Year 2022
Photo courtesy of Skye Stoury.

We are excited to release our annual impact report in celebration of all that you made possible in fiscal year 2022.

This report tells a story of resilience, intentionality, and growth. After the monumental challenges of the pandemic, our collective efforts in 2022 brought new vibrancy to all of our programs and operations. Courses were back on schedule and youth programs were bustling. Mountaineers Books reached new audiences and elevated important stories and voices. We deepened relationships in support of our advocacy work. And philanthropy and volunteerism reached new highs.

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Our mission impact and strategic goals are made possible through volunteerism and philanthropy. We are working together toward a world where our adventures extend beyond the reach of our own personal enjoyment and where all people can confidently enjoy the natural world and are inspired to protect it. We are endlessly grateful for the thousands of people who invest their time and resources into making this vision a reality.

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