Impact Report for Fiscal Year 2021: The Mountaineers Annual Report

Read and celebrate the ways we elevated our mission through books and programs during fiscal year 2021. Our collective impact is made possible by the generosity of our community.
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September 30, 2022
Impact Report for Fiscal Year 2021: The Mountaineers Annual Report
Photo by Tim Nair.

We are proud to share our fiscal year 2021 Impact Report, an annual publication highlighting the ways that programs, publishing, and people combine forces to impact our outdoor community and the future of outdoor recreation.

The Mountaineers fiscal year 2021 ran from October 2020 to September 2021. To contextualize this report, the beginning of this year marked month seven of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccines were not yet available and we were heading into our first pandemic winter. The challenges we faced then felt less urgent than in 2020, but just as large and unwieldy. With innovation, sacrifice, generosity - along with a uniting passion for being outside - our members, volunteers, donors, and staff continued to serve and expand our community. 

Over the course of the year, programs started to reemerge, shaped by the perspectives we gained in 2020. Our publishing arm, Mountaineers Books, saw a 45% increase in sales of books and maps, representing tremendous reach to readers in the PNW and beyond.

And with the generosity of our community, we were able to have an impact on our three strategic priorities: to lead innovation in outdoor education, to engage a vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts, and to advocate on behalf of the natural world. 

When you donate to The Mountaineers, you help our community go beyond fun and exploration. Your donation supports equitable access, stewardship, education, community, advocacy, and conservation. Thank you for your role in all we accomplished together in FY2021. Thank you for adventuring with purpose.


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