How To: Hiking "Hacks"

Learn the favorite hiking hacks from the youngest person to complete the Bulger List. This will be sure to make your time on the trail more comfortable, convenient, and FUN!
Kristina Ciari Tursi Kristina Ciari Tursi
Communications Director
July 07, 2015
How To: Hiking "Hacks"

One of our members, Linsey Warren, recently became the youngest person to complete the Bulger List, climbing to the top of the 100 highest peaks in Washington. All those miles on the trail taught her some valuable lessons. Check out some of her favorite hacks to make your time on the trail more comfortable, convenient, and FUN!

Linsey's all-time favorite hacks:

  • Crystal Light Snow Cones: My very favorite hack is taking Crystal Light packets on a hot day, balling up of a bunch of snow, and covering the snow with Crystal Light to make a snow cone. It is just so delightful.
  • Jello: I’ve tried this with mixed results. Boil water, mix in the jello, put it in a plastic bag, seal it, then put it in a second plastic bag. Then, sink the bag into a freezing stream. It’s kind of goopy bit still refreshing.
  • Dry Socks: There’s nothing I hate more than putting dry socks into a wet boot, so I’m a big fan of plastic bags to cover your feet on the second day of a trip. Put on fresh socks, cover your feet in bags from the grocery store, and slide your bag covered sock-feet into your boots. I hike around all day like this. My feet still end up wet, but it delays the wet-foot phenomenon.
  • Mylar Warmth: Mylar blankets are lightweight and if you line the bottom of your tent with one it will keep the heat in. This is a great way to cut weight. The only downside is the non-durable nature of Mylar.
  • Shoulder Case: My favorite trick is keeping a little camera case on my shoulder strap. Inside I keep a pocket knife, duct tape, sunscreen, Chapstick, and emergency sunglasses - the kind you get from the eye doctor when you dilate your eyes. This ensures you’ve got the most important things at the ready.

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Andy Tangsombatvisit
Andy Tangsombatvisit says:
Jul 07, 2015 03:49 PM

Awesome hacks,I'll try these on my next Bulger!

Jennifer Shorr
Jennifer Shorr says:
Apr 24, 2020 09:32 PM

Thanks. It will be fun to try these.