How To: Enjoy the Winter Backcountry Safely on Snowshoes

Gain valuable skills and meet new winter-trail companions by joining in the second year of the popular Basic Snowshoeing Course offered by Foothills Branch from January-April 2016!
Cheryl Talbert Cheryl Talbert
September 30, 2015
How To: Enjoy the Winter Backcountry Safely on Snowshoes

Experience the joy of moving through the silent winter landscape, brilliant light glinting from snow mounds piled in soft shapes all around. Get out into the mountains you love and get your favorite exercise - the trail kind! - through the winter months!  

If you are a hiker yearning to extend your trail days through the snowy months, or  have tried snowshoeing and like it but want to improve your skills and safety on the winter trails,   consider taking the Foothills Basic Snowshoe course. It runs January - April, 2016.

Despite the lack of snow in the course's inaugural year last year, the course was big success, with every roster spot filled and a great time had by all! Learn more and register today

And, if you're lookinge to master backcountry skiing or snowboarding, or want to improve your avalanche knowledge and skills, the Foothills' Winter Sports committee and leaders will be offering a full array of courses to get you out in the winter backcountry. Check them out at

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