How should we teach climbing? Tell us!

As part of our new Progressive Climbing Education project, we will host listening sessions to gather input about how to best meet the needs of volunteers, students, and the community at large. Share your thoughts as we seek to solidify what's working and remove what's in your way.
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May 24, 2016
How should we teach climbing? Tell us!
A student picks up rope tips in our Crag Climbing Course

We’ve been teaching people how to climb outside for 110 years, but that doesn’t mean we have all the answers. As we look back on the challenges we’ve faced and look forward to the opportunities to teach skills in new and different ways, we’re excited about the potential to take some of our outdoor education programs in a new direction.

We want to hear from you! We’ve launched a project we’re calling Progressive Climbing Education with the goal to invest significant time and money into figuring out how we can make our suite of volunteer-led Climbing Programs better. Our goal is to truly understand the needs of our volunteers, students, and the community at large. That’s why we’re conducting three listening sessions in June. Join us!

Please RSVP by following the links below!

What’s the long-term vision? We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. We’ve got a good thing going, but we recognize that what got us here won’t necessarily take us to where we want to go. At these sessions, we want to hear your ideas, and we’ll share our timeline and communications plan for this information gathering and brainstorming phase. Our long-term goal is to work with our volunteer climbing leadership and partners in the community to identify, reinforce, and support what’s working and remove things that are in our way.

We hope you’ll be part of one of these listening sessions. We can’t be successful without your input. Please also invite anyone who you think would be interested or have good ideas to offer.  

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Ritu Bindra
Ritu Bindra says:
May 24, 2016 12:44 PM

Mountaineers has got a 'Great' thing going ! Please offer more Beginner climbing course opportunities to us.
Thank you,