How are Board Members Nominated?

Learn about the Governance Committee and how it plays a part in our board elections.
Lorna Corrigan Lorna Corrigan
Mountaineers Vice-President & Governance Committee Chair
September 06, 2016
How are Board Members Nominated?

The Mountaineers Board of Directors is responsible for determining the future direction of our organization, controlling finances, making rules, and determining policy for property and programs. To ensure the board is representative of the organization, we've established a 'nominating committee' to help select future board members.

The nominating committee is looking for candidates that will result in a diverse group of members on the board. More specifically, the nominating committee wants people on the board who have a mix of the following traits:

  • experience at nonprofits, private, and public sector organizations
  • representative of the different ages and backgrounds of our diverse membership
  • capacity to give time through volunteering
  • capacity to give financially

At the upcoming Annual Meeting, members of The Mountaineers will be asked to approve several amendments to our Bylaws. One of those amendments, if approved by the membership, will merge the functions of the current Nominating Committee into the new Governance Committee created by the board.  

Going forward (assuming the bylaws amendment is approved), the Governance Committee will be responsible for nominating candidates for open director-at-large positions for consideration by the membership. The Governance Committee will also supply the list of nominees to the board in advance of the Annual Meeting and elections, so that the board has an opportunity, should it choose to do so, to endorse these candidates.". 

In addition, the Governance Committee will be responsible for nominating candidates for the board's consideration in filling vacancies in at-large positions that occur between Mountaineers elections. In the meantime, the Governance Committee will have other duties, including providing for orientations of new  board members and continuing board education and development.

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