Help kids believe in themselves

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Caitlin O'Brien Caitlin O'Brien
October 21, 2015
Help kids believe in themselves

Angela stood at the base of the climb and anxiously looked up. It was Aki Kurose's final Mountain Workshops session and her last chance to climb to the top of the outdoor wall.

As the only female student in her class at Aki Kurose - one of the most racially diverse schools in Seattle - Angela hadn't gotten more than three feet off of the ground while climbing indoors at the Seattle program center. She took a deep breath and yelled "climbing!" before setting off. Over and over again she said, "I am coming down" and then kept climbing.  She climbed until she reached the top.   

Angela was very proud of herself for persevering and overcoming her fears to achieve her goal. This was a life-changing experience that has motivated her to approach challenges in her life and in school with a new level of confidence.

Our Mountain Workshops made it possible for Angela and thousands of kids like her to believe in themselves and love nature. To keep up this great work we need your help.

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 You can double your impact thanks to a generous matching gift from Ken Seamon and Jane Biddle, and the Devereaux Family Foundation.That's why we're raising $20,000 by midnight on October 31 to continue these programs.

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