Help get Meany Lodge ready for winter adventures

Help us get the lodge ready for a winter's worth of fun skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. Join one of three work parties this fall!
Alicia Fahey Alicia Fahey
Meany Lodge Committee Member
September 29, 2017
Help get Meany Lodge ready for winter adventures

Are you good with your hands? Can you take apart an engine? Can you swing a hammer or clean a kitchen? If you can say yes to any of the above (and even if you don't), sign up for Meany's fall work parties. These work parties are a very good way to meet the folks who run our Meany Lodge  and see the inner-workings of a winter full of fun. 

All work party participants get free lodging and dinners and breakfasts while you're working, AND it counts towards your stewardship credit. Sign up for one day or both!

After the work day is done, you'll enjoy good food and drink, old friends to hang out with, and new folks to get to know.


  • Saturday morning, arrive before 9am to get a work assignment.
  • Leave after lunch Sunday (or sooner, if you have to return to civilization early. If you have to leave on Saturday evening, we'll still be happy to get a full day's work out of you. But do try to stay through dinner for the company, if you can.)

Register to join the fun!

October 6-7 - Cider Pressing!

October 20-22

November 3-5

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