Happy Thanksgiving from the Mini Mountaineers!

Happy Thanksgiving from the youngest Mountaineers. As you eat one more slice of pumpkin pie, enjoy reading about how the Minis celebrated the season and learn some fun turkey facts along the way.
Katie Love Katie Love
Associate Youth Program Manager
November 28, 2019
Happy Thanksgiving from the Mini Mountaineers!

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you're celebrating with loved ones, delicious food, a brisk nature walk... and balloon turkeys? That's how the Mini Mountaineers celebrated here at the Seattle Program Center last week! 

The Mini Mountaineers, our newest youth club for kids ages 2-5, had their very own turkey trot to learn about the holiday's feathered mascot. Through activities and crafts, these little ones discovered what makes a turkey trot.

We decorated paper turkeys and perfected our tails in preparation for the balloon race. Attaching the tiny turkey to an untied (but full!) balloon, we released the balloons all at once, propelling the turkeys toward the finish line as the kiddos squealed in delight. (Learn more to try this activity at home with your family!)

DSC_0004 (2).jpgFun Fact: Turkeys can fly very fast (55 MPH!) but only for short distances.

Then it was time to let the turkeys rest so the kids could take a trot. Taking full advantage of the crisp, clear morning, the Mini Mountaineers searched for leaves that could replace their balloons as their turkeys’ tails (some sustained damage in the heat of the race). Along the way, they hugged lots of tree trunks (and even some lamp posts), crunched on fall leaves, and snacked merrily.  

IMG_7431.jpgFun fact: Only male turkeys have the colorful, fan-like tail feathers that are emblematic of the holiday

All in all, it was an activity 'stuffed' with fun for the Mini Mountaineers, and we can't wait to play together again at all of our upcoming activities

We are certainly thankful for the community here at The Mountaineers, dedicated to exploring, conserving, and enjoying the natural world.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Mini Mountaineers! 

More turkey fun facts:

  • While 15 pounds is the average weight of a purchased turkey, the largest domesticated turkey weighed a whopping 86 pounds! 
  • Turkeys often sleep in trees with their flock.
  • Male turkeys can gobble but females can't.
  • Turkeys don't have external ears, but they do have great hearing.
  • Turkeys have two stomachs, eating pebbles that stay in their stomachs and aid with digestion.

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