Graphic Design Intern Wanted

Graphic Design Project for The Mountaineers
Suzanne Gerber Suzanne Gerber
May 06, 2015
Graphic Design Intern Wanted

We are looking for a talented graphic design intern proficient in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. We have a creative illustration project that will add value and variety to any design portfolio.

The project involves helping to complete our badges which are colorful, logo-like images with pictures and words depicting outdoor skills and achievements. They will be modeled after our course badges which are already created. These badges create a sense of community and pride for our members. Take a look at the course badges that have already been completed here:

This work can be done remotely, or you are welcome to come down to our program center in Seattle – however, you will need your own computer with Adobe Illustrator. We will provide design templates and fonts.

The time frame for this project is as long as it takes to complete these badges and there are an estimated 49 award badges and 50 skill badges to go. We anticipate it will take about 3 months of a volunteer working just 15 hours a week, or one month of a volunteer working more steadily.

If interested, please email our publications manager,  a link to your portfolio, along with your interest and connection to The Mountaineers. The application deadline is June 1. 

Note: this can be coordinated with other design projects to meet internship qualifications if needed for a student for graduation.


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