Global Adventures | Cross-Country Skiing in Yellowstone National Park

In this feature from Mountaineer magazine, learn about all the fun our Global Adventurers had during a Cross-country ski trip to Yellowstone.
Cindy Hoover Cindy Hoover
Global Adventures Leader
January 24, 2023
Global Adventures | Cross-Country Skiing in Yellowstone National Park
Cross-country skier standing on the Biscuit Basin Trail. Photo by Donna Hahn.

Ten Mountaineers were fortunate to have plentiful sunshine and no winds for last February’s Global Adventure to Yellowstone National Park. We spent a week cross-country skiing in three sections of the park – Mammoth, North, and Old Faithful – which provided ample opportunities to experience the magic of winter in Yellowstone.

We enjoyed early morning walks with the fine spray of Old Faithful freezing in midair, and afternoon ski trips so quiet that we could hear water gurgling below the snow. We were fortunate enough to have a private off-trail tour with two wildlife ecologists. This four-hour ski gave us a unique look at the park’s history, detailed wildlife information, and current political and ecological issues. Did you know that when a bison raises its tail, it’s either going to urinate or charge?

ga.PNGA snow-dusted bison as seen from a snow coach en route to Old Faithful. Photo by Donna Hahn.

One day we skied around a corner to find a magnificent bull elk just 20 feet off the trail, and another we followed wolf tracks through the snow. We saw herds of massive bison close enough to our ski trails and the main road to cause us to stop; we always yield to them!

Though based out of Gardiner for most of the week, we used a snowcoach to travel to and from Old Faithful Snow Lodge (a shuttle van on snowmobile tracks). We spent one night there reveling in the unique trails around geyser basins. If you’re considering visiting Yellowstone in winter, go for it – you won’t be sorry.

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