GiveBIG with Leif Whittaker

Author Leif Whittaker shares his moment of awe atop Everest, and why it inspires him to support The Mountaineers.
Leif Whittaker Leif Whittaker
Author, Mountaineer, and Photographer
May 10, 2017
GiveBIG with Leif Whittaker

Just fifty more steps and three hundred more breaths and I'm standing above everything. I remove my oxygen mask and stare out at the world beneath me, taking it all in.

"Congratulations, Leif! You're on the top of the world!"

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Summiting Mount Everest led to a moment of awe I will remember forever. It was a moment where part of me felt like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to, but the overwhelming emotion I felt wasn't pride or a sense of power. It was gratitude to the mountain and everyone and everything who helped me get to this moment.

Adventure is an important part of a life well lived. It's about getting out of your comfort zone and taking a few risks because this is how we learn and grow as people. Mountains have a way of teaching you about yourself. Part of the mountain stays with you, and you leave part of yourself behind.

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Now, more than ever, our mountains, our trails, waters and public lands depend on the important work of The Mountaineers to inspire lifelong adventures - make a donation today.

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