GiveBIG with Kit DesLauriers

Ski mountaineer Kit DesLauriers shares her moments of awe, and why they inspire her to support The Mountaineers.
Kit DesLauriers Kit DesLauriers
Mother, Skier, Mountaineer, Author, and Advocate for Wild Places
May 10, 2017
GiveBIG with Kit DesLauriers

People may know me as the first person to ski the Seven Summits. The experience of awe that I felt while preparing to ski from the top of the highest point of each continent is something I will remember forever.

Beyond just the Seven Summits, I have skied across wild places all over the world. It’s never about the quality of the skiing, but rather the experience that keeps me wanting more.

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As a teenager, I dreamt about skiing the Brooks Range in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska and in 2010, I got my chance. The remote mountains and perfectly intact ecosystem of the Arctic Refuge captivated me. It's the wildest place I can imagine and it's one that I return to regularly. A few years ago, I shared a journey through this special landscape with my two daughters. The experience thrilled, moved, and inspired their own moments of awe. When we got back, my daughter wrote former President Obama to ask for his support in addressing climate change.

Whether it is the wild mountain regions of Alaska or the Pacific Northwest, these places have never been at greater risk. To swing the pendulum, we must engage more people in the outdoors so that they, like my daughters, can appreciate the awe-inducing experience that these wild places play in our own lives. Future generations of mountaineers and wilderness advocates depend upon exposure to the wonder and respect that comes from time spent in these special environments.

This is why I support The Mountaineers. Throughout their 110-year history, The Mountaineers has served as fierce protectors of the public lands and waters in the Pacific Northwest. Today, their work has never been more important.

Please join me in making a donation to support their critical work. 



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