GiveBIG was a success!

We raised more money this GiveBIG than in previous years. Thank you!
The Mountaineers The Mountaineers
May 05, 2016
GiveBIG was a success!

GiveBIG was a success!

Despite technical difficulties with the GiveBIG platform, we persevered and continued to raise more money this year than in previous GiveBIG campaigns. Through your support, we raised $13,384.00!

Note: This doesn't include the Seattle Foundation's stretch pool! We'll update you again once the final numbers are in. Also, if you made a donation through our GiveBIG donation page while the GiveBIG platform was down, your donation will count toward the Seattle Foundation's stretch pool.

The monies raised from GiveBIG will help with:

  • Expanding diverse voices in the outdoors by growing our Mountain Workshops
  • Offering more opportunities to engage in environmental stewardship and advocacy
  • Growing our volunteer program, allowing us to offer more courses and engage more members
  • Publishing more books to support conservation, sustainable living and advocacy

We’ve been around for 110 years and we plan to be around for 110 more—thank you for your support in this year's GiveBIG!

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