#GiveBIG to Keep Our Stories of Adventure Alive

This May, we celebrate #GiveBig, and inspire connection through books like "Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home" in honor of our storied Mountaineers Books publishing division. As an independent, nonprofit publisher, Mountaineers Books relies on charitable donations so that we can invest in stories that connect people to the life-changing nature of outdoor adventure.
Kate Rogers Kate Rogers
Editor in Chief, Mountaineers Books
May 08, 2019
#GiveBIG to Keep Our Stories of Adventure Alive

A great story will stay with you, even long after you close the book.

Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home, by Heather “Anish” Anderson, is Heather’s account of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013 when she finished with the “Fastest Known Time” for any gender. But hers is not at all a story about trail miles and speed. For Heather, it’s about choosing—choosing to get out and move, choosing to walk on the trail, and choosing to embrace an outdoor life.

As you near the final pages of Thirst, your heart somehow both sinks and floats. You don’t want the book to end, but you feel electrified with warm emotions. You are immensely proud of Heather, and also inspired to push yourself further, to welcome new challenges. You feel a strong connection to your fellow adventurers, and to the wild places that call us away from our daily life. The book may be finished, but the story now lives with you forever.

As a nonprofit publisher, Mountaineers Books is in the business of making a difference by choosing stories that deserve to be shared. With the support of generous donors like you, we can transport stories like Heather’s from the trails and into the hands and hearts of thousands of adventurers everywhere .

#GiveBIG and bring a story to life today!

Today, Mountaineers Books has more than 800 titles in print that empower our outdoor community—locally and around the globe—to explore, adventure, and conserve. Charitable donations ensure that we can invest in stories that bring value to our communities and connect people to the life-changing nature of outdoor adventure.

On this regional day of giving, we are asking you to #GiveBIG for our storied Mountaineers Books division, so that we can stay in the business of making a difference – for all people and all places. As a thank you for your support, all gifts of $100 or more will be 100% matched by the generosity of Rich and Martha Draves, up to $10,000!

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Kate Rogers, Editor in Chief
Mountaineers Books
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