GiveBIG: Helen's Story

GiveBIG: Helen's Story

If you have any of our Day Hiking guides on your bookshelf, you already know how many adventures are packed between the front and back cover. Each book we produce inspires readers to explore the outdoors, teaches them new skills, and fosters a lifelong appreciation for nature.

As the Publisher for Mountaineers Books, I am sooooo lucky! I get to come to work each day to help people across the nation to get to know the natural world, to love it, and work to protect it. When you support The Mountaineers, you’re right there with me and with some of the most talented and inspiring artists, authors, and athletes in the outdoor industry — Brendan Leonard, Jim Whittaker, and Jennifer Lowe-Anker — helping us lead people to the lessons and joys of the great outdoors through award-winning and best-selling books.

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"For many years now, my friends and I have used R.J. Secor's The High Sierra to help us plan our backpacking trips into the Sierra Nevada. The book is so comprehensive; it serves as a navigational aid and, more importantly, as inspiration for trips that we wouldn't have thought to try … we have explored remote basins we wouldn't have otherwise, and it has us reading the book through the winters for the pleasure of armchair backpacking, as well as for the book's historical background on the backcountry places we love so much."   - Kim Stanley Robinson, Literary icon and winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel, the Nebula Award for Best Novel, the World Fantasy Award and more

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