GiveBIG for Outdoor Access

GiveBIG is today! Supporters across the region are investing in organizations that make our communities better. We’re looking for 100 donors to support The Mountaineers during GiveBIG to help unlock a match of $10,000.
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May 03, 2022
GiveBIG for Outdoor Access

Today, people around the PNW are making special donations to invest in the health and vitality of our communities through GiveBIG, a regional grassroots fundraising event.

Will you join us today with a GiveBIG donation to create a community where all people can access outdoor recreation and join in stewarding our natural world?

A unique matching challenge has been created to multiply the impact of Mountaineers like you. If 100 people donate $25 or more, an additional $10,000 from a pool of Mountaineers donors will be unlocked and applied toward the goal.


Your GiveBIG donation…

  • Provides need-based scholarships for youth and adults to attend activities and courses.
  • Sustains a gear library to provide technical and seasonal gear to families and groups.
  • Subsidizes Mountain Workshops, which provide custom activities for youth who may not otherwise access adventure programming.
  • Creates leadership development opportunities for 3,000+ volunteers who make activities, courses, and seminars possible.
  • Supports stewardship training for thousands of members, activity participants, and event attendees.
  • Moves the needle on conservation and advocacy priorities by leveraging our 15,000 person member base.
  • Supports Mountaineers Books as they champion emerging authors, create books in an environmentally sustainable way, document the stories and methodologies of niche outdoor communities, and engage readers around some of the most pressing threats to our natural world.


We hope you will join this grassroots movement by investing in The Mountaineers, and in any other organizations building the kind of community you want to see! Donations large and small will add up to create big change for our outdoor community and our community at large.

As a 501(c)3 organization, gifts made to The Mountaineers are 100% tax-deductible. The Mountaineers, Tax ID 27-3009280, is located at 7700 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115.

Lead image of Mountaineers Pathfinders at Goose Rock. Photo  by David RothStein.

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