Gifts that build community

With your year-end support we can continue our efforts to ensure outdoor recreation is accessible to all. Help us fund leadership development to enhance volunteer-led outdoor education, financial assistance for those who need it most, and advocacy efforts to protect our cherished outdoor places.
Lorna Corrigan Lorna Corrigan
President, Board of Directors
December 20, 2018
Gifts that build community

Have you ever reflected on the experiences that shaped the trajectory of your life? For me, it was spending time at Snoqualmie, Meany, and Baker Lodges.

My parents were Mountaineers members, and I spent the majority of my childhood immersed in the outdoors and in our volunteer-led community. My early memories involve trudging up to Snoqualmie Lodge behind my father, who often had my younger sister in one arm and a bundle of skis in the other. After Dad performed the perennial adjustments to our cable bindings, we were off to the rope tow. At the end of a snowy day we would reconvene at the lodge to enjoy meals and share stories with multiple generations of Mountain­eers. The family friends we made on those trips remain our friends to this day.

I always look back at these happy times and feel grateful for the path this community led me to pursue.

As a fellow Mountaineer, I’m sure you have formative Mountaineers stories of your own. Maybe it was taking the train out to a lodge for a weekend of skiing. Perhaps it was summiting Mt. Rainier with friends from your climbing course or simply spending quality time outdoors with your friends and family. Whatever your connection, The Mountaineers is a part of your story.

With only 11 days left in 2018, I hope you’ll consider paying your experiences forward with a gift to The Mountaineers.

Give your year-end gift today

In 2011, The Mountaineers became a 501c3 nonprofit to better serve the people, lands, and waters of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. As a nonprofit, your charitable donations help us fund scholarships that ensure outdoor recreation is accessible to all. Donations also fund critical conservation work to protect our cherished outdoor places for generations to come.

Our membership continues to grow with ever more like-minded individuals who connect through chal­lenging situations, a shared appreciation of nature, and laughter around the campfire.

What is especially exciting to me is that donors now provide nearly $65,000 in annual scholarships to ensure our courses and life-changing experiences are accessible to all. Donations fund a robust youth program that gives 1,000 underserved children and teens life-changing opportunities to learn and to safely hike, climb, back­pack, and more – many for the first time in their lives.

Caring and knowledgeable volunteers still run all of our courses today. In 2018, our volunteers gave 199,984 hours of their time to provide outdoor education opportunities to 13,000 members. Donors now support meaningful recognition opportunities for our Mountaineers volunteers, including small gifts and subsidized skills training and educational conferences.

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I’m proud to give back to this wonderful community that has given me more than I could ever hope for. I personally donate in support of our lodges, volunteers, youth, books, conservation, and the future of outdoor recreation. It is deeply important to me that others, regardless of age or experience level, have similar opportunities to experience the unique and happy blend of education, stewardship, camaraderie, and adventure that we have been so fortunate to experience.

You are an important part of our story and I hope that you’ll join me by making a gift to protect and enhance that legacy. Thank you for inviting us to be an important part of your life.


P.S. Your gift today is fully tax-deductible. The Mountaineers is a 501c3 charitable organization whose ability to deliver quality outdoor education depends upon the generosity of members like you.

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