Getting Yourself and Your Human in Shape: Summer Edition

My name is Baker. My human says I'm the goodest boy. Here are my tips for having the bestest summer adventure season with your favorite hooman.
Baker Switzer Baker Switzer
The Goodest Boy
July 14, 2020
Getting Yourself and Your Human in Shape: Summer Edition

The sunny season is here, and we all know what that means! It's time to get in shape for climbing, hiking, backpacking, paddling, paddling, playing fetch, and shedding. 

As our humans focus on cardio and mileage training, we canines have other, more four-legged appropriate things to focus our training around. If you're like me and want to get a jump start on training and gear purchases for the nice weather and warm adventures, here are some tips: 

consider your equipment

The first step to ensuring a successful summer adventure is making sure your gear is ready to hit the trail, water, or park. I've made a list of my essentials, but they may not all apply to you.

  • Poop bags: MAKE SURE YOUR HUMAN HAS A LOT OF THESE. When they run out, it may not bother you much, but it sure is embarrassing for them. Sometimes they could even get a fine. We want our humans to enjoy the outdoors as much as we do, so next time, make sure they've got an excess of these things, and are watching you when it's time to make a deposit. 
  • Leash: OK. I know. These historically have been the only thing standing between us and unbridled freedom. But leashes are important. You see, humans are much better at managing loud, confusing, and dangerous situations than us, so it's best that we let them think they're in charge. It's just safer for everyone. Also, make sure you get a leash you like, one that maybe matches your collar or is nice and reflective if you consider yourself a night owl. You can't be the laughing stock at the park!
  • Collar light: Similar to the leash, our humans feel better when they know where you are. At night though, they have a much harder time seeing than we do. So be kind to your best friend and let them put a light on your collar! When camping, they'll let you run around and have a great time while they sit and watch you from beside the hot-burn-danger-no pit with friends. 
  • Booties: Actually, I can't even walk in these yet, so I'm not sure I can offer any advice here. But my human keeps saying booties will protect my pads from the rock, so maybe that's true? My human even thinks it's fun when I have them on, but I am definitely not a fan.

it's going to be warm

It's time to start aggressively shedding. Make sure to shed your winter coat as fast as possible. Because who wants to be caught wearing out-of-season styles? 

And even though I know you want to, make sure not to fuss when your human is brushing you. They don't appreciate our shedding in the first place, and they're trying to cut down on all the vacuuming. Why? I don't know! They vacuum is so much fun to bark at! 

If you're not a shedder in the first place, more power to you, I guess.

    Study up on your flora & fauna


    When playing outside, we're allowed to eat and chase some things, and others things we are not allowed to eat and chase. Since I know I can't be trusted to keep track of all of these things, it's time for the humans to listen up. If I take a bite of something I'm not supposed to, I promise to let go as soon as you say "drop it!" I swear (but if I don't drop it right away, it's also not my fault).

    In general though, stay away from slugs and rocks and poop. Yuck! 

    chase Or No Chase?

    • Is it a deer? Chase. 
    • Is it a bunny? Chase. 
    • Did your human call your name? Chase. 
    • Did your human say no? Continue chasing. 
    • Did your human say the word 'treat'? Come back with great haste!

    For our humans

    We know you love outdoor adventures. We do too! That's why we want to come along with you as long as we are allowed in whatever area you'll be playing. And for us to have the best time together, we both need to be prepared. Bring extra water for us, a few treats, and don't forget those ever-important poop bags. If the ground is going to be sharp, think about protecting our pads. We need hiking boots sometimes too!

    We know it's often more work to bring us, but if we're both prepared, there will be lots of adventure and fun for the both of us. 

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