Get to Know Travis Vermeer, Foothills Chair-Elect

Learn more about the branch leaders and activity committees that make our Foothills Branch thrive. This month, celebrate the Foothills Branch Chair-Elect, Travis Vermeer
Lori Heath Lori Heath
Foothills Communications Volunteer
May 08, 2024
Get to Know Travis Vermeer, Foothills Chair-Elect

Since joining The Mountaineers in 2019, Travis has taken the Basic Snowshoeing, Alpine Scrambling, and Basic Alpine Climbing courses, helped instruct for the Wilderness Navigation, Alpine Scrambling, and Basic Alpine Climbing courses, become a hike leader, and participated in numerous Mountaineers activities and events. He was elected as Chair-Elect for the Branch in 2023.

Travis grew up in central Washington. He learned about our state’s natural places at an early age through The Mountaineers publishing works, notably Ira Spring and Harvey Manning’s 100 Hikes series. If forced to choose a favorite hike, it would probably be a trip up to Sahale Glacier camp. Travis and his wife, Erin, currently reside in North Bend and spend as much time in the surrounding mountains as they can.

Travis’ role as Branch Chair-Elect’s role is part of a three-year commitment. The primary function of his first year is training: to learn organizational policies and branch strategic priorities; to develop leadership and facilitation skills; and to become familiar with and build strong relationships with branch leadership, committee leadership, and Mountaineers staff. As Chair-Elect, Travis attends Foothills Branch Council and Branch Leadership Committee meetings and collaborates with the Branch Treasurer during the branch budgeting process. He receives mentoring from the Branch Chair, Brad Peacock, and Past Chair, Ben Morse. Travis will assume the role of Branch Chair in the fall of 2024.

Travis is always happy to answer questions from anyone interested in the Foothills Branch Chair-Elect role.

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