Get to Know Tom Eng & Karen Wallace, Foothills Branch Council Members

Learn more about the branch leaders and activity committees that make our Foothills Branch thrive. This month, celebrate the Foothills Branch Council members, Tom Eng and Karen Wallace.
Lori Heath Lori Heath
Foothills Communications Volunteer
November 08, 2023
Get to Know Tom Eng & Karen Wallace, Foothills Branch Council Members

Each month we introduce you to the Foothills Branch Council members or activity committee chairs who make our Foothills Branch thrive. This month, meet the At-Large Branch Council Members, Tom Eng, and Karen Wallace.

The best way to become familiar with the Branch Council is to attend a Branch Council meeting. These meetings are open to all Foothills Branch members who would like to learn more about what’s going on in the branch or contribute their ideas. Join us at the next Branch Council Meeting on January 9.  

Tom Eng.PNG

As an At-Large Council member, Tom Eng seeks to represent the interests and viewpoints of fellow Foothills Branch Mountaineers. Tom has been on the Foothills Council since fall 2020. He was interested in joining the Council to help make the Foothills Branch run as efficiently as possible and to be as responsive to the interests and concerns of its members. Tom considers having a direct voice and the ability to affect change to be the key benefits of his role on the Council. He thinks his fellow Council members, all dedicated individuals, are excellent to work with. Important skills in his role as At-Large Council Member are: good communication skills, active listening, respect for fellow council members, and an analytical approach to problem solving.  

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Karen Wallace has been an At-Large Member of the Foothills Branch Council since 2020.  She joined the Council to support newer council members who were bringing a lot of great energy and enthusiasm to the branch along with new activities that get more people outside. Plus, it’s a great way to stay connected with some of the people she’s met on her many Mountaineers adventures. Karen considers one the of best parts of participating in the Foothills Branch Council is being part of a community of passionate, talented individuals who continue to grow the branch in all sorts of terrific ways. She thinks an important attribute for an At-Large Council member is having enthusiasm for the continued success of the Mountaineers and the Foothills Branch. 

The Foothills Branch Council currently has three At-Large Member positions open.  If you’re interested in filling any of these seats, please contact Brad Peacock at