Get in Shape for Backpacking With Pro Trekking Trainer Sheri Goodwin

Get ready for backpacking season the smart way with expert trainer, Sheri Goodwin.
Cheryl Talbert Cheryl Talbert
15-year member & Super Volunteer
February 22, 2024
Get in Shape for Backpacking With Pro Trekking Trainer Sheri Goodwin
Hikers at Triad Lake near High Pass in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. Photo by Cheryl Talbert.

It works great for many people to strap on a loaded pack and hike to get in shape for the upcoming season. However, for some – including many beginners – without a bit more structure and guidance, this approach can run the risk of injury, discouragement, and ultimately, slower progress than you had hoped for. What if you could develop a tailored strength-and-conditioning training plan aimed at reaching your trail goals safely and efficiently, with a progression of exercises and training activities? And what if you could build it with the guidance of a professional physical trainer who specializes in helping people get ready for life-list treks and backpacks?

Sheri Goodwin, pro trekking trainer, has been working with The Mountaineers for years, helping members build strength and conditioning based on their specific goals. Whether members want to trek to Everest basecamp, backpack the Spider Gap loop, or just keep up with their experienced friends on a day hike to Mailbox Peak, Sheri can help you get there. Sheri offers her Conditioning for Hiking and Backpacking program to Mountaineers at a considerable discount compared to what it would cost to hire a personal trainer.

Conditioning for Hiking and Backpacking starts with an evening Zoom session (Level I, offered on two alternative evenings) where you will learn and practice hiking-specific strength and agility/balance exercises that make every trail mile easier and reduce the chance of injury. Then, you'll work through a template with resources and suggestions to build a week-by-week progression of hikes and pack weight aimed at your specific goals for the season. A month or so later, Sheri will offer four evening workouts at local parks (Level II) where you’ll put the principles and exercises into practice under expert supervision on typical trail terrain.

Check out Sheri’s Conditioning for Hiking and Backpacking Level I and Level II offerings. We hope to see you there!

Get in shape with Sheri!

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