Free CalTopo Trip Planning Webinar – Aug 5

Join us August 5 at 7pm for a free webinar instructing you on CalTopo use, hosted by the folks at CalTopo in coordination with the Seattle Navigation Committee.
Steve McClure Steve McClure
Super Volunteer & Seattle Navigation Committee Member
July 22, 2020
Free CalTopo Trip Planning Webinar – Aug 5

First among The Mountaineers Ten Essentials is navigation, and as technology has advanced that now includes both digital and physical maps. While physical maps can be customized for type, scale, coordinate markings, and personalized tracks and waypoints, digital maps have the benefit of GPS capability – allowing you to know where you are in the backcountry.

The Seattle Navigation Committee has been hard at work the past two years to implement the new navigation principles of Freedom 9, including digital maps and cell phone-based GPS. We are excited to be partnering with the CalTopo training team for a free 1.5 hour webinar on August 5 at 7pm, so that you can become familiar with this powerful tool.

This webinar and Q&A will cover the basics of using CalTopo for trip planning, including:

  • Creating your map
  • Saving, printing, and sharing your map
  • Using layers utilizing real-time data to learn about the terrain where your trip is located
  • Navigating the map tools
  • Using the new CalTopo mobile app to view your maps, navigate, and record your mobile tracks in the backcountry

We welcome those who are new to CalTopo as well as those who know the program well, but are interested in finding new tips and tricks. This webinar is free, open to the public, and offers “seats” for up to 1,000 participants – so invite your friends and family! Mountaineers members can register by RSVPing on the course page, and non-Mountaineers members can register by creating a free guest adult account and then RSVPing.

We hope to see you on August 5. Learning how to make custom digital and physical maps to empower us to plan a basic trip seems like a great way to spend our socially distanced time.

Hike on and be safe!


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