Foothills Volunteer Spotlight: Russ Levy

Our Foothills volunteers and activity leaders are the heart and soul of our branch. This month we celebrate Russ Levy.
Steve LeBrun Steve LeBrun
Foothills Branch Leader & Super Volunteer
April 26, 2019
Foothills Volunteer Spotlight: Russ Levy

Meet Foothills volunteer Russ Levy! Russ moved to the Northwest 22 years ago and found The Mountaineers through his passion for hiking. He is a hike leader and is most fulfilled when he's leading a trail crew. 

How did you arrive in the Northwest and find The Mountaineers?

A job transfer brought me to the PNW 22 years ago and there is no other place I would rather live. It offers so many opportunities to soak in nature and the outdoors right in our own backyard. I found out about The Mountaineers through my passion for hiking and hearing about the club from other Mountaineers hikers.

What brings you the most satisfaction when volunteering for The Mountaineers?

I have gotten the most satisfaction as a volunteer leading trail work stewardship opportunities and seeing participation grow exponentially! The trails so need our help, and being a catalyst in making that happen with The Mountaineers is so gratifying.

Can you recount a favorite volunteer moment or experience?

My most memorable volunteer moment to date was when another Mountaineer critiqued a drain I had completed, questioning if it would adequately drain enough of the trail. He was spot on and I went back to expand it. The demo on drains I had done for the group sunk in and the teacher became the student - there is nothing more gratifying then that.

What is your favorite thing to do or place to go outdoors in the PNW?

My favorite activity is hiking; second is snowshoeing. My favorite hike is to Panorama Ridge and Garibaldi Lake in Whistler. Closer by, it’s Tuck and Robin Lakes.