Foothills Leader Spotlight: Deborah Fisher

Our volunteer instructors and activity leaders are the heart and soul of our branch. This month we celebrate Deborah Fisher.
Steve LeBrun Steve LeBrun
November 07, 2016
Foothills Leader Spotlight: Deborah Fisher

We appreciate every one of our leaders, but this month we highlight one of our most dedicated: Deborah Fisher.

Deborah Fisher

In August of 2010, Deborah moved to the Pacific Northwest from North Carolina to be with family in the area. She joined The Mountaineers because she had always wanted to get into backpacking, but like many folks didn't have many friends that liked outdoor activities. Being new to Washington she also wanted to meet new people and make friends.  

She started leading backpacks for The Mountaineers in 2013 in order to have more flexibility on the trips she wanted to go on (one of the hidden benefits of being a club activity leader). As she began leading trips, she found it incredibly rewarding to see her participants enjoy themselves and want to backpack with her again and again.

As she says, "I love meeting new and fascinating people, I am always amazed to learn about what people do. But also since I'm just so obsessed with backpacking, just being able to get out there and do it is just incredible. I can't emphasize enough how much this opportunity means to me, especially considering that I've wanted to do this my whole life."  

Her favorite places in the Pacific Northwest backcountry are places she hasn't been before, but she does particularly love the Chelan Lakeshore trail and the Olympic coast - two trips she gladly does over and over again. 

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David Kosins
David Kosins says:
Nov 17, 2016 08:56 AM

Nice write up for a nice lady!