Foothills Branch Members - Get Involved at a Leadership Level

Thinking about giving back to your branch, Foothills members? Take a look at a few opportunities available to take on a long-term leadership role, or to dive deeper into the hiking and backpacking community.
Alan Davey Alan Davey
Foothills Leader & Super Volunteer
June 03, 2021
Foothills Branch Members - Get Involved at a Leadership Level

The Foothills branch is looking for a few good leaders at every level!

In every volunteer organization, people come and people go – it’s no different at The Mountaineers. That’s why it’s important for us to continuously have someone ready to take the reins of leadership over time.  If you’re interested in becoming involved in your branch at a deeper level, we encourage you to consider becoming a leader-in-training! Our goal is that every leader has adequate time to learn the ropes before diving in.

The Foothills branch has many volunteer leaders devoted to helping our fellow members safely experience the outdoors. With 11 committees offering trips and training, there’s always a need for new leaders. Read on to learn about a few of the opportunities currently available:

Branch Leadership

Currently, there are two positions we’re looking to fill at the branch leadership level: Branch Chair-Elect and Navigation Committee Chair-Elect. Chair-Elect positions are considered leader-in-training.

Hiking and Backpacking Committee

We are also recruiting for a range of positions supporting the Hiking and Backpacking committee! These roles can be individually worked out based on the interests of any interested volunteer, but in general we hope to have someone to help in the following roles:

  • Treasurer: provides a modest amount of occasional budget development/reconciliation and expense approvals
  • Secretary/Communications Volunteer: maintains our email lists, keeps our page on The Mountaineers website and our Facebook group pages updated, and provides regular committee communications including the newsletter, meeting scheduling, notices and notes, etc.
  • Event/New Leader Support: aids in events, supports new leader training and certification, keeps our leader roster up-to-date
  • Administrative/Instruction Support: provides administrative support and instruction for our GoHike and Backpacking Building Blocks courses

None of these roles are very time consuming, and we're happy to chat with you about any of them! Email Cheryl Talbert at for more information. 

Scrambling Committee

The Foothills Scrambling Committee is growing! We are looking for enthusiastic scramblers who may be interested in becoming trip leaders, as well as anyone who may be interested in helping to make our scrambling program more effective and efficient. Committee assignments can be tailored to fit your skills and availability.  They are a great opportunity to learn and influence how the committee works to serve our scrambling community.  Folks interested in leading scrambling trips for the Foothills branch are invited to view our scramble leader requirements and application. For more information, please reach out to

If you think you or someone you know may be interested in finding out more about the above volunteer opportunities or other leadership roles in the Foothills, please contact Alan Davey at   

Lead image by David Bradley. 

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