Foothills 2019 Branch Council Election Results

We would like to welcome and congratulate our new Foothills Branch Council members - Cynthia, Lori, and Shyam!
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November 22, 2019
Foothills 2019 Branch Council Election Results

We’re pleased to announce the results of the 2019 Foothills Branch Council election and would like to thank everyone who voted in the election. We are so excited to welcome these new leaders as we approach 2020! The newly elected Foothills Branch Council members are:

Cynthia Biles

Branch Chair-elect

Cynthia Biles.jpg

Cindy is an avid outdoor enthusiast, PNW native, and business leader. She worked for REI for almost 20 years, most of those as a manager. She also spent several years as the Director of Retail Operations for Sherpa Adventure Gear. Over the years, she has worked closely with local non-profits, trail organizations, and local communities dedicated to engaging people with the outdoors safely and with the right gear! She has served on the board of several community organizations in Medford, Oregon, where she worked closely with the local trail organizations on service projects and grants. She is currently serving as a board member on the Board of Rowing Stewards for the University of Washington. Cindy is an avid traveler, snowboarder, hiker, backpacker, climber, cyclist, skier, snowshoer, paddler, former rafting guide, competitive sailor, and surfer, and has recently taken up tennis and scuba diving. As the Foothills Branch Chair-Elect, she is looking forward spending time with great people, learning from others, and helping to introduce and include diverse audiences to new activities and experiences.

Lori Heath

Branch Secretary

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Lori grew up in New Jersey and spent most of her adult life in Indianapolis. She joined The Mountaineers after moving to Issaquah from Indiana in 2015 because she was so excited about all the opportunities for outdoor recreation in the area. Since then, Lori has enjoyed many hiking and trail running events with The Mountaineers and has even learned cross-country skiing! Lori worked in health care for over 25 years and retired from her career as a Clinical Research Scientist in 2017. Lori is also a yoga teacher and served on the board of the Indiana Yoga Association (IYA) for several years.

Shyam Vijayaraghavan

Branch Treasurer

Formatted - Shyam.jpg

Shyam is the Director of Marketing for Resources International. He has been a member of The Mountaineers since 2016 and has made quite an impact in that short time. He is a backpacking and hike leader, and has instructed for climbing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sea kayaking courses. He has also served on the board of several nonprofit organizations, including the Bluegrass Indo-American Civic Society, Beyond Talent, and Junior Achievement.

Congratulations to Cindy, Lori and Shyam!